How to make the world a better, cleaner and safer place?

Modern technologies make our life simple and comfortable. Few people think about the damage to the environment when they take their laundry to the cleaners, throw out the garbage or get on a plane. 100 years ago, many of these familiar things did not exist for us. There was no talk about global warming, ozone holes in the atmosphere, pollution of the world’s oceans, the need to conserve water, recycle garbage and save electricity. Technological progress is a double-edged sword! To leave the planet alive to our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, it is necessary to treat it very carefully. Are we willing to pay more for sustainable materials, clean cars, recyclable packaging, and natural products grown without chemicals? We talked to real experts in their field about how consumer convenience and environmental care are combined in the industries they represent.

– What is being done by large manufacturing companies to minimize the harm caused to the environment during mass production?

– There are 3 main areas in which it is important to comply with strict standards in the process of mass production in order not to harm the environment: economical use of electricity, water and proper waste disposal. In these areas, the company’s strategy is built for years to come. For example, the use of lighter recyclable packaging in the production. More and more companies are partnering with various international non-governmental organizations such as WWF and the Rainforest Alliance in the areas of water conservation/restoration and sustainable agriculture.

What else do you think could be changed in the future?

– Each of us can make a feasible contribution to the conservation of nature, even if we change our diet quite a bit. Only reducing the consumption of meat and sugar can have a huge positive impact on global warming. And the use of locally produced products helps to significantly reduce environmental pollution, if only because their delivery to the end user requires less fuel for transportation.

– What is the most important thing in the ecology of the house?

– Speaking about the ecology in the house, as a designer, I pay a lot of attention to the atmosphere prevailing in the house – smells, humidification and air purification. For a comfortable stay in the room, the humidity level should be about 30-40% at a temperature of 20-22 ° C.

– What devices help to cope with this task?

– Modern air purifiers combine 2 functions and have a two-phase cleaning system – first bacteria are destroyed, and then the air is saturated with moisture. And to solve the problem of clean air deficiency, there are fantastically designed devices that work on water and artificial photosynthesis. They convert carbon dioxide into pure oxygen, creating a balanced and healthy indoor environment for a long and happy life.