How to improve this world

Help everyone and always

Opportunities to do a good deed come up all the time. Often we ignore these opportunities because we are in a hurry, we are afraid, we are shy, we are not sure that we can handle it, or for some other reason. Most of the reasons are far-fetched because we are afraid and avoid embarrassing situations. But there is nothing embarrassing about helping a person collect scattered things or giving a phone for an urgent call.

Write a kind note to a dear person

By making pleasant surprises for loved ones, you make a small contribution to a better world. Try to communicate with a loved one with the help of small notes. The simple phrase “I love you” works wonders if left on a pillow, pasted on a bathroom mirror, or put in a bag that a person opens when they arrive at work.

Do good deeds every day

Even a small good deed can make the world a better place because it sets off a positive chain reaction. A person who encounters unexpected and inexplicable kindness becomes kinder and more selfless himself. Perhaps by doing a good deed today, you will start a chain in which a thousand people will do a thousand good deeds in a year.

Be positive

Walking down the street, getting to work by public transport or standing in line, you probably noticed that being surrounded by positive people is much more pleasant than among gloomy and dissatisfied people. Try to always be in the first group. Do not indulge in despondency, keep a good-natured and barely noticeable smile on your face. This will improve your own mood, and will influence others in a positive way.

Respect people regardless of their status

Arrogant people who boast of their own successes often become a source of negativity, because they like to directly or covertly reproach others for failure and other shortcomings. This increases the degree of intolerance in society, reduces the level of mutual understanding and respect. If you want to make the world a better place, remember that every person, regardless of social status, profession and income, deserves a respectful attitude.

Pick up a homeless animal

Many people get cats and dogs, acquiring pets in specialty stores or from people who earn money by breeding purebred animals. But a purebred kitten or puppy picked up on the street is no worse. The main thing is not to forget to examine him in a veterinary clinic and get vaccinated.

Make bird feeders

Watching the birds through the window, you probably wondered what they eat if there are no insects in the air, and the ground is covered with a layer of snow. And for them it is really a serious problem. It is believed that up to 70% of birds that did not fly to warmer climes die during the winter. You can significantly reduce this figure by making feeders and setting a good example for others.

Pay Attention to Lonely Elderly People

Surely among your neighbors there are pensioners who are struggling to survive on retirement. Perhaps they need help. You can just chat with them, ask what they need, or bring a gift.

Invite your friends to arrange a subbotnik

You can jointly clean up the trash, tidy up the flower beds, mow the shrubs, paint the bench and do a lot of things that do not take much effort, but will make the yard of your house neat and cozy. And it will serve as a great example for the neighbors.

Stop using plastic

Laws are being actively adopted around the world to limit the use of plastic for the production of packaging and other items. But no one is obliged to wait for legislative restrictions. You can stop buying goods in plastic right now, and also limit the amount of plastic waste produced. Start shopping with a reusable bag, and buy drinks in glass bottles or aluminum cans (unlike plastic, aluminum decomposes well without harming the environment).

plant a tree

This is a simple and short work that even a seven-year-old child can do. In a few decades, a small stalk will turn into a huge tree, which over the years of its existence will release thousands of cubic meters of purified oxygen into the air. This is a small act for one person, but a huge contribution to the ecology of the entire planet.


Even using some of the suggested tips, you can make the world a much better place. Remember to start with yourself. People who talk loudly about global injustice often do no good at all. And truly great things start with small things done by ordinary people every day. Just make the right decision and start ennobling the world around you right now.